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Half-Blood Prince Discussion

July 16th - It's Coming!

Discussion on JK's Penultimate Book
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Half-Blood Prince

* This is a communiy for all members to post their thoughts and ideas on the forthcoming 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.'
* Everyone is free to join but the more nuts about Harry Potter you are the better you will fit in :)

A few rules

- I know Live Journal should only have members over the age of 13 so very mild profanity will be tolerated but try not to use if it is not necessary.
- Absolutely no bashing of any members, ships, theories or forums. If this occurs I will seriously consider an instant ban. If you don't agree with anything try and debate it in a logical and intelligent manner.
- NO CHAT SPEAK!!! If you've taken all that time to think through a theory then I am sure you can spare a couple of extra seconds to write full sentences!

Half-Blood Prince

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